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Being an "ATE"

She calms her down with her soothing voice.  She distracts her with things that will entice her.  Although she would rather use her computer or Iphone.  Ate T is a big help in babysitting.  I feel so happy seeing her bond with Bebi A.  It's because I shortchanged her and I am sorry for that.  I thought she wouldn't be interested in playing with her.

But, out of all us, I think she's the most patient with Bebi A.  Wish she could be like that with Ate A hehehe but at least, they bond over tv shows, music and games.  LOL.

Thank you, Ate T!


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Bebi A : Daddy, can you make me an airplane?
Daddy : Later Ava, I am busy
Bebi A : You always say you're busy, you're hurting my feelings...

She then put her face down on the sofa.

Drama queen!

The Holy Week

I miss spending Holy Week in the Philippines. I miss the tradition or reverence for the Passion of Christ that my mommy has instilled in me. During my early childhood until late teens (before mommy got sick and died), mommy, has honed us to observe Lent.

During the season, there would be Stations of the Cross (one station, one house) in various houses that we would go to. We will leave after dinner and end up close to midnight. This would take from the bayan" (Binan's center) then almost at barangay De La Paz (is it barangay? not really sure hahaha). Fourteen houses to go to then at the 14th station, the hosts will usually provide some refreshments. (hmmm. i can see my hubby snickering and saying out loud that i just join them for that, hee hee)

Then, on the Holy Week itself, Holy Mondays and Tuesdays might have a procession or two, or longer prayer time because the Stations of the Cross was recited. Holy Wednesdays are meant for this procession that have a lot of …

35 Weeks

Almost there.  We have a name now, not too sure if we're still gonna change it.  Journey is almost over and we get the biggest prize of all, a new baby!  Can't wait to hold, smell our new bundle of joy.  She's becoming more restless inside, can feel every kick and poke.  Can feel the pressure in bladder every day.  I feel so heavy and tired once again.

There are nights I feel so restless and worried.  Without any help after the birth, I am feeling a bit scared.  But, I always tell myself that I can do it.  I am old enough to raise 2 older girls, I'm sure I can manage a newborn.  Well, let's see.  Hehehe.