Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Looking back, 2015 is a mix of lows and highs, of mourning and dancing...

2015 held lots of firsts for us.  Ate T stepped into the world of secondary school and became a teen.  Ate A entered the world of school politics LOL and became a double digit tween.  Of course, not to be excluded is our cheeky baby A who turned 1 year old.

Though this is not a first but I turned 40 this year.  Life begun as they say.  But, for me, it was just a continuation of the life I am trying to live wonderfully. 

Though most of the happening during the first half of the year were more on the highs...  We faced some challenges on the second half.  We lost Tatay.  Though we prayed for his comfort, we couldn't help feel the lost.  A few weeks after, Pre's employer closed shop.  One day notice and bam!  No more office to go to. 

I always believed that the Lord always prepare us for the best.  Pre's job hunting was not as painful as when he first moved down under.  He got a job a few weeks after he lost the old one.

When things don't work out the way we want them to, it is sometimes a test of patience and understanding.  You'll ask questions.  You'll look for answers.

And, then, when you finally let go and let God.  That's when things will fall into place.

Happy 2016!

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