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Bebi A : Daddy, can you make me an airplane? Daddy : Later Ava, I am busy Bebi A : You always say you're busy, you're hurting my feelings... She then put her face down on the sofa. Drama queen!
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Nyamy Nyamy

Our Bebe A is at the stage of being cheeky and endearing.  She can speak so many words now, some clear, some not.  Hehehe.  She likes to sing as well.  She actually has a good tone.  One of the songs that she likes is the one from Wiggles --- Fruit Salad.  Her version though is : Mom : Fruit Salad Bebe A :  Nyamy Nyamy (Yummy Yummy)

Being an "ATE"

She calms her down with her soothing voice.  She distracts her with things that will entice her.  Although she would rather use her computer or Iphone.  Ate T is a big help in babysitting.  I feel so happy seeing her bond with Bebi A.  It's because I shortchanged her and I am sorry for that.  I thought she wouldn't be interested in playing with her. But, out of all us, I think she's the most patient with Bebi A.  Wish she could be like that with Ate A hehehe but at least, they bond over tv shows, music and games.  LOL. Thank you, Ate T!


Looking back, 2015 is a mix of lows and highs, of mourning and dancing... 2015 held lots of firsts for us.  Ate T stepped into the world of secondary school and became a teen.  Ate A entered the world of school politics LOL and became a double digit tween.  Of course, not to be excluded is our cheeky baby A who turned 1 year old. Though this is not a first but I turned 40 this year.  Life begun as they say.  But, for me, it was just a continuation of the life I am trying to live wonderfully.  Though most of the happening during the first half of the year were more on the highs...  We faced some challenges on the second half.  We lost Tatay.  Though we prayed for his comfort, we couldn't help feel the lost.  A few weeks after, Pre's employer closed shop.  One day notice and bam!  No more office to go to.  I always believed that the Lord always prepare us for the best.  Pre's job hunting was not as painful as when he first moved down under.  He got a job a few weeks a


Being a Mom.  Sometimes I feel as I am not cut out for it. Too much work.  Too much responsibility.  Too much worry. Worry that Ate T is taking the bus today.  Ate A's tooth is still in there and the new one has already come out.  Baby A has colds and is screaming and wants to cuddle. Sometimes it leaves me breathless. But When I pick up Ate T from our meeting place, I feel so proud of her because she has become independent and can commute.  Ate A's tenacity in wiggling her tooth and she's now toothless, doesn't need to go to the dentist to have it removed.  And, Baby A despite her colds still has appetite and it just feels good to hug her. God has showered me with so much love for giving me 3 wonderful girls.  It feels good being a mommy. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mommies!


Ate T will start the new phase of her life this Friday.  She will now be in Secondary School.  She got in to the school's accelerated program and was also given an academic scholarship.  Whew.  This is the first time I've made this public.  I am very, very proud of her but my shy daughter doesn't want anyone to know. We are sooo thankful to Ate T for always doing her best.  Though her Ipad rules her life on most days, we know how diligent she is.  We're praying for her continuous success and that she'll have friends whom will be a good influence to her. Thank you, Ate!

Where Do I Begin?

My last post was when I was in 35th week of pregnancy.  Time does fly.  Couldn't believe how fast it took.  Now I am back at work after 6 months of maternity leave. My baby A was born at 37 weeks 6 days at Sunshine Hospital.  It was once again an eventful labor and delivery.  LOL.  Life did get more interesting after that with a new baby.  Days come and go like a blur with all the never ending mommy duties --- taking care of the baby, taking care of the ates, taking care of pre...  Whew...  Wouldn't trade it for anything though.  Very happy and blessed for the last 6 months.